Strengthen Your Knowledge, Attain Your Goals.
Strengthen Your Knowledge, Attain Your Goals

The Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS) is offered as a 2-day course or as a series of 6 separate courses that are offered as Continuing Education. Once all course have been completed, you are eligible to sit for the NSPA CCS exam. See more information below.

NSPA Upcoming CCS Workshops

TBD –  - (good for first 8 sign-ups!)

Certified Conditioning Workshop Times

  •     Friday June 12th– 1:30-6:30
  •     Saturday June 13th. 8:00-6:00 pm
  •     Sunday:  June 14th. 1:00-6:00 pm


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This course is designed for fitness instructors, personal trainers, program/fitness directors, strength coaches, P.E. teachers, athletic trainers, physical therapists, medical professionals, and sports/exercise scientists.


This course contains advanced personal training strength and conditioning material and provides the highest level of professional expertise. This course prepares students for the Certified Conditioning Specialist (CCS) exam, NSPA’s highest level certification. There is a seperate exam fee of $50.


  • NSPA CPT course completion or equivalent education.
  • Current adult CPR certification. You may take the Conditioning Specialist course without having CPR certification; however, you must have CPR certification in order for your NSPA Certification to be valid.
  • A working knowledge of exercise science, muscle physiology, functional anatomy, the cardiovascular system, physical assessment, and nutrition.
  • A working knowledge, as well as hands-on experience of spotting techniques.
  • Hands-on experience with physical assessments, prescription and programming is strongly recommended.


  • The Personal Training Business/Increasing Your Revenue
  • Advanced Muscle Physiology/Anatomy
  • Bio mechanical Principles and HIT Programming
  • Special Populations
  • Being the Best/Client Communications Skills
  • Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factors
  • PNF Flexibility Techniques
  • Advanced Strength Training Methods and Applications
  • Power, Speed and Agility Acquisition
  • Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise Prescription/Energy System Utilization
  • Manual Resistance Strength Training
  • Injury Prevention and Care
  • Proper and Safe Application of Plyometric Training
  • Training the Advanced/Elite Athlete
  • Sport Specific Conditioning


This course consists of two, nine-hour days of lecture, hands-on instruction, and demonstration. Lectures are supported with practical application, emphasizing small group interaction and personal instruction conducted by NSPA’s Conditioning Specialist staff.


  • Written Exam Protocol: Definitions, Fill-in-the blank, Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Diagrams and Essay.
  • Written Exam Results: 75% accuracy required for passing grade on Written Exam.
  • Practical Exam Protocol: One-on-One Multiple Station Examinations: Blood Pressure, Skinfold, PNF Stretching, Machines, Free Weights, Manuals, and Plyometrics.
  • Practical Exam Results: Two missed questions on any Practical section requires retesting.

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