Strengthen Your Knowledge, Attain Your Goals.
Strengthen Your Knowledge, Attain Your Goals

NSPA’s goal has always been to increase the strength and conditioning of athletes and fitness enthusiasts following sound training principles. Today, with COVID-19, we wanted to re-affirm our commitment to protect athletes.  At this time most states are not allowing one on one training – many fitness facilities are closed so much training is being conducted online.

But when working with a client one on one it is ALWAYS important to consider proper sanitizing.  Of course hand washing is something we should all be doing especially after working on fitness equipment. But now it should me emphasized that hand washing with soap and water for 20 seconds or sanitizing with Purell or other alcohol based product is KEY at this time. AND we must social distance which means staying 6ft away from another person. And let us also remember not to touch our faces. Also wipe down the equipment if not before then definitely after use.

Many fitness facilities have deep cleaning protocols in place.  Though one would assume that after we begin our new normal – when the world can venture out to places again- that many cleaning protocols will be beefed up in order to assure members that their health and safety is of utmost importance.

(Read below for more information on disinfectants).

In the meantime – stay safe. We at NSPA are thinking of all of you during this difficult time.

Please See-

Revised EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-COV-2 provides information on EPA approved products for use.

Specific Product Info-

At BHS  Environmental Solutions the goal is to encourage cleaning and protecting to a higher standard supporting our commitment to maintaining a healthy athlete.

When we speak about wiping down of equipment there are a number of options. Many products must be applied as instructed on the manufacturer’s label.  But many don’t have long term sanitizing effects. Spray on and immediately wipe off is not the solution. This does not disinfect. There is no protection offered for the follow-on athlete. Contact time required on the surface is on the label. The BHS product line can give extended anti-microbial protection.




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